WTCR Fast Five with Nicky Catsburg

2019-08-24T09:45:21+02:00August 24th, 2019|2019, WTCR Race of China 2019|

Nicky Catsburg will be back behind the wheel of his Hyundai i30 N TCR when the Ningbo International Speedpark hosts WTCR Race of China next month (13-15 September). This is the Dutchman’s WTCR Fast Five.

You race with the number 88 on your BRC Hyundai N LUKOIL Racing Team entry. Why?
“I’m really not a number kind of guy. Some drivers stick to a number. I didn’t have a good reason, but my wife then said we got married on 8 August so that’s my choice.”

Given the choice of two drivers to join you on the ultimate podium, any category, any era, who would join you?
“I would choose Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton – Catsburg, Verstappen, Hamilton podium would be cool! Lewis Hamilton now is pretty much the best in the world other than Verstappen. It’s not because Verstappen is Dutch and I’m Dutch, but he’s an unbelievable talent and probably the best driver in the world.”

There are 10 great venues on the WTCR / OSCARO schedule. But if you could add one more what would it be?
“Bathurst. It’s one of those tracks that’s just amazing. It’s very much unlike anywhere else. We already have Macau, the Nordschleife, Vila Real, very unique places, so why not add Bathurst? I’m sure the spectators would love it, the drivers would love it, it’s a very cool place.”

Do you have any pre-race superstitions?
“No superstitions, not at all. I try to prepare as best I can, going through the data of the previous years. If I can I always go on the simulator to get back into the rhythm of the track but that’s it.”

Is there a plan when you stop racing?
“Hopefully I will have done so well that I can do nothing, that would be nice! I would spend my day nothing. I would love to travel a lot, maybe I would continue in motorsport but I’m not sure yet.”