Azcona stands firm after WTCR podium brace

2021-08-27T23:10:41+02:00August 27th, 2021|2021, WTCR Race of Hungary 2021|

Mikel Azcona bagged a podium double at WTCR Race of Hungary – but not before he got caught up in two on-track incidents at the Hungaroring last weekend.

Azcona, a double winner in the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup, finished second in Race 1 after contact with Yvan Muller at Turn 1 and then got up close and personal with Frédéric Vervisch nearing the end of the opening counter.

Following the race, the CUPRA-powered Zengő Motorsport driver put forward his view from behind the wheel.

“From the start I didn’t know what Muller did,” Azcona said. “He went left as I was going straight to a right corner, so I was very surprised by this move. For me it is really clear. I was faster on the straight and I say, ‘OK, I go to the left, we are three wide’. But, of course, I didn’t want to go on the outside at the first corner because you know when you are three wide and you are the last car on the left you don’t have a chance.

“I went to the left, to brake and have a better performance than him. But on braking, I saw him going to the left and that’s why we had a contact, because he went to the left on a right corner, so I didn’t understand that.”

Cyan Racing Lynk & Co driver Muller, said: “Unfortunately I finished 15th in the first race because somebody pushed me around at Turn 1.”

Of his contact with Vervsich, Azcona explained: “After the safety car with three laps remaining I said I have [overtake him]. In the first laps, I said, ‘oof, maybe it’s not so easy, [Fred] is pushing very hard, closing the doors very well’. I tried some moves but I couldn’t manage it, so I went again behind Vervisch and on the last lap I saw he was doing a mistake at the chicane and was faster on the exit, so I decided to go in that corner. I went to the inside and unfortunately when he closed the door I was on the inside. So I’m very sorry for him, but they were very close battles. I’m happy to be P2 at my team’s home track, there’s much pleasure for this and I’ll keep going.”