Preparation is key in all forms of motorsport and it’s no different in the Pre-season Esports WTCR Championship. This is how Cyan Racing Lynk & Co’s Yann Ehrlacher has prepared for the opening event at a virtual Salzburgring on 14 June.

“I take Esports WTCR as serious as the normal races for the simple reason that the esports season was the best way for me to practice and to re-enter the racing world even if it’s only virtual.

“I try to prepare the race as I do in real. I was training for the real season but I was using it also for the virtual by doing sport. I wake up, I do a bit of sim in the morning. I wait for the temperature to go up and I go out for a ride on the bike or I go for a run of 10-15ks or 50-100ks of cycling. Then I go back on the sim.

“It’s a bit easier on the sim to do more laps because you just have to switch on the computer and test on all the tracks you want any time of the day.

“For my warm-up for an Esports WTCR race I make 10 laps, which is not possible in the real world. When you have done this, you are ready and you feel prepared with the feeling of the sim. Your heart goes up a bit up and your arms are warm and that’s how I was warming up myself before going into the races.”

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