Happy when it rains? Nicky Catsburg’s guide to WTCR racing in the wet

2019-05-11T19:48:44+02:00May 12th, 2019|2019, WTCR Race of Slovakia 2019|

With rain forecast at WTCR Race of Slovakia today, double DHL pole-sitter Nicky Catsburg was asked for some tips of how to shine in the wet. This is what the BRC Hyundai N LUKOIL Racing Team driver had to say.

1: Sort the set-up
“In the dry I pretty much know what to do because we have done it for the last couple of days, we’re fast and it’s a high probability we will do well in the races if it stays dry because we know what to do with the set-up. But if it’s wet, because we didn’t test here when it was raining like some of the others, we only have a general idea about the set-up but it’s not been tested yet. There will also be a lot of different lines and we won’t know which one to take yet.”

2: Find the grip
“Driving in the wet is all about where to find the grip and where to actually actively search for the grip. When the track was drying out in Second Qualifying it was drying out in some weird places, not on the ideal line so you would have to go offline to find the dry spot. But if it starts wet and dries out then you need to be looking for where it is the most wet because you will want to cool your wet tyres. Some people even drive through the grass to try to cool down them down. It’s all about not overheating your tyres and trying to keep them alive.”

3: Watch out for the spray
“When you are in the top five the spray is okay because you can go out of line and kind of have vision again. When you are at the back your vision is blocked and you have to be very brave. Then there’s always the guys who try to be ultra-brave but they end up out-braking themselves and it destroys somebody’s race.”

4: Brake early/accelerate late
“Braking is definitely done a bit earlier depending on where you find the grip and accelerating is delayed, everything is slower.”

5: Enjoy the challenge
“The wet is the same as the dry, just a bit less grip so we should be fine! Honestly it would have been easier if it was dry and consistent, I could aim to score some points, but in the end it’s completely fine. Maybe it’s not fully wet but somewhere in the middle. Whatever happens I’m sure it’s going to make some good TV.”