Monteiro reveals Tassi WTCR boost chat

2019-10-01T23:36:13+02:00October 3rd, 2019|2019, WTCR JVCKENWOOD Race of Japan 2019|

Tiago Monteiro has revealed how he gave team-mate Attila Tassi a pep talk following the young Hungarian’s WTCR Race of Portugal despair earlier this season.

Tassi, 20, was leading the third race of the Vila Real weekend in the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup presented by OSCARO when a mechanical problem dropped him down the order, handing first place to Monteiro.

Monteiro then drove without error to claim a hugely emotional home win – his first since the 2017 testing accident that could have ended his career.

He reckons Tassi’s disappointment can only make him a stronger driver for the Honda-powered KCMG outfit.

“It’s one of those really hard, difficult-to-accept moments,” said Monteiro. “I’ve been through a few of those but these moments happen in your career and he’s bound to have more, it will happen, that’s the way the sport is but that’s how you build your character, your motivation, your confidence. And that’s how you come back from these moments.”

Monteiro continued: “It’s never good when it happens, but a few weeks or a few months later this experience has built you up and made you a better person and sportsman and you get stronger. This is how I learned from the beginning of my career, all the hard moments this is when I have learned the most. It’s not good when it’s like this but this is how human beings have evolved, by suffering and struggling.

“Attila is very young, an amazingly young, fast driver and to be where he is with his limited experience, he can only explode from here. He will have many experiences and learn from this experience, not that he did anything wrong in Vila Real. There was nothing he could do, but he’s built something inside of him to cope with this emotion.”

Monteiro and Tassi will be on ‘home’ soil when Suzuka hosts WTCR JVCKENWOOD Race of Japan from 25-27 October.