On the #WTCR2019SUPERGRID with Attila Tassi

2019-04-21T00:14:14+02:00April 21st, 2019|2019, WTCR Race of Hungary 2019|

Norbert Michelisz won’t be the only Hungarian chasing success in the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup presented by OSCARO this season.

Still just 19, Attila Tassi represents the future of Hungarian motorsport. Now a Honda Racing-supported driver, Tassi will continue his WTCR / OSCARO adventure at his home event, WTCR Race of Hungary, in the KCMG Honda Civic Type R TCR he’s named Elda following a vote by his followers on social media. He’s had this to say.

What do you hope to achieve in 2019?
“My first aim is to be the best Honda driver at the end of the season, which is not easy as we have Tiago, Esteban and Néstor driving for the brand. But I believe if I am working hard enough then I can achieve it. Then obviously it would be good to win at least once and with 30 races one is not so much. Hopefully it comes with some luck, but mostly because of our pace.”

Norbert Michelisz is another driver you’ll be racing against. He’s your former mentor, so how do you plan to handle that on track?
“He’s the same as any other driver when I am racing against him. If I see him on the track it will be the same as all the others. I was racing in his team two years ago. I learned about the driving style and the techniques he uses. I think I would still be at the level where I am now without him, but he helped the progress to be faster.”

As the youngest driver on the grid are you having to fight hard to earn respect?
“I will push hard to gain the respect in the races but I don’t think there will be a problem. I am not that the type of guy who scares when there is a big name in front of me. I will have the same fighting spirit than in the previous years. I would say I am risking a little bit much, more than I should, and I would say I am too aggressive sometimes, but everybody has his own driving style and this is mine.”

How well do you know the Hungaroring and what are your best memories?
“All the Hungarian drivers grew up on this track, especially my generation because we started when we were 12 years old and we were racing almost every weekend there. TCR International there two years for sure was the best weekend of my career. I was aiming for one race win but I managed to win two and nobody was prepared for this, it was unbelievable and a really good feeling. My time in WTCR as a wildcard last year was not good so hopefully we have the pace and can have a much better weekend.”

Finally, what do you think of your new team-mate Tiago Monteiro, what he has gone through and how he has fought to come back?
“He’s incredibly experienced and for sure during the season I will learn a lot from him. None of the drivers could have done what he has done in the past one and a half years. It’s exceptional.”