On this day in WTCR history: Max Verstappen joins the grid

2020-05-22T16:27:36+02:00May 21st, 2020|2020|

While Aurélien Comte was busy claiming his first victory in the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup at Zandvoort on this day in WTCR history (21 May 2018), Red Bull Formula One star Max Verstappen was taking a keen interest in the action-packed racing.

Verstappen was at his home circuit for the Jumbo Racedagen to perform demo runs in a Red Bull Formula One car and make several public appearances. He also took a grid tour with guests from TAG Heuer, the WTCR’s Official Timing Partner.

During his visit to the Race 2 grid, Verstappen offered words of support to Dutch WTCR regular Tom Coronel and Prince Bernhard van Oranje, who was competing as a wildcard entrant and owns the circuit.

“I said already after the first two events we should create a big event around it as well, not just demonstration laps and of course for the WTCR joining this event is great and I really enjoy watching it as well,” Verstappen told Eurosport at the time. “I really enjoy this weekend. It’s great to see and they also stay for every single series. They’re just very passionate about racing in general.”