Split role no problem, says WTCR racer Catsburg

2020-01-17T06:51:47+01:00January 17th, 2020|2020|

Nicky Catsburg, who is set for another season of WTCR action in 2020, has spoken about the challenges faced by switching between GT cars and World Touring Cars.

Catstburg split 2019 racing in endurance events and the sprint-style WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup.

He is expected to do more of the same during the upcoming season, although his WTCR programme has yet to be announced.

“People generally like to make it more difficult than it is because it sounds so cool but I would be one per cent stronger in the first or second lap if I was always in the same car because it takes so little time to adjust,” said the Dutchman, part of the BRC Hyundai N LUKOIL Racing Team line-up in 2019.

“The worst thing I ever had was when I drove a BMW Z4 and a Nissan GTR GT1 in the same weekend. In the Nissan you sit on the right and upshift with left [hand] and with the BMW you sit on the left and upshift with the right. That was so confusing. Every time I drove out of the pitlane I was either with a massive gap to the pit all or almost in the wall. But after it was fine and I really like to do this combination of sprint and endurance racing.”