The WTCR trio with Gilles Magnus

2022-09-16T21:39:32+02:00September 18th, 2022|2022|

Shortly before the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup’s summer break, the FIA’s Ryan Ghis put three key questions to the drivers. Today it’s the Gilles Magnus from Comtoyou Team Audi Sport’s turn.

What is your favourite corner on the WTCR calendar and why?
“In Vila Real, I really like the high-speed corner before the chicane, the left-hander. It’s just flat, but if you want to go flat it’s quite impressive and it’s a corner that really impressed me earlier this season. This was really a place I said, ‘wow you need to be very brave to go flat out here’.”

The car and track are your choice but what would you choose?
“In July I took part in the 24 Hours of Spa. Thee was the historical race of Spa with the historical cars that used to race the 24 Hours of Spa, and there was the Maserati MC12. Already the sound was just incredible. So that will be it, the MC12, and I guess I’ll pick Spa as well. Spa is first of all my home track but it’s something so special, it’s high-speed, the Raidillon is so awesome. And then the MC12 in combination with Spa must be a dream, it must be crazy.”

Describe your ultimate holiday?
“I would like to go to the Maldives, that would be ideal and I would really enjoy it.”

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