The WTCR trio with Mikel Azcona

2022-09-16T21:21:02+02:00September 16th, 2022|2022|

Prior to the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup’s summer break, the FIA’s Ryan Ghis put three key questions to the drivers. BRC Hyundai N Squadra Corse’s Mikel Azcona, the Goodyear #FollowTheLeader, is up first.

What is your favourite corner on the WTCR calendar and why?
“I would say, T4-T5 at MotorLand Aragón. Braking for T5, in which you are coming in fifth gear at 180/185kph, you are braking with a lot of load on the car and it can be very tricky braking, then you arrive for T5, which is a very tight corner, and you are basically braking on three wheels, so you are really on the limit with the car and it’s very difficult to handle the perfect lap. But I like it when it’s difficult because you can make a big difference.”

The car and track are your choice but what would you choose?
“I only have experience with TCR cars. So, I would be very happy to drive a GT3 car on any track, but I don’t have any experience with so I cannot say much. But the ideal track is the Nordschleife with a Hyundai TCR car. This is fascinating when you are driving around the Nordschleife because you can feel the adrenaline, it’s a difficult track but with these kinds of flowing corners at high speed, you are really enjoying it. It’s not easy but after nine minutes when you enter the back straight you feel so exhausted and happy at the same time because you enjoy every high-speed corner. And it’s very nice to drive a TCR car there because you are on the limit with a TCR car, the barriers are very close, and it gives you a lot of adrenaline.”

Describe your ultimate holiday?
“I would say Ibiza or Mallorca with my family and my girlfriend. Having free time at the beach, being close to the sea and good weather is perfect. With Ibiza and Mallorca, you always get good weather.”

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