The WTCR Trio with Rob Huff

2022-09-30T15:41:31+02:00October 2nd, 2022|2022|

Before the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup’s summer holidays began, the FIA’s Ryan Ghis put three key questions to the drivers. Rob Huff, who has taken two race wins and the WTCR Trophy title so far in 2022, had this to say.

What is your favourite corner on the WTCR calendar and why?
“I can’t tell you one corner, but in terms of track, it has to be Macau. Of course, I’m looking forward to going back there next year with WTCR because this circuit has a combination of all corners that makes it the craziest place in the world. The Mandarin corner is probably the scariest. It’s turn two and taken in sixth gear, almost on the limit. It’s a small brake and through you go and four-wheel sliding up until the white line. But then, later in the lap, you have the slowest corner of the calendar, the Melco hairpin. But for me, it’s just about Macau, that circuit is very special for me, I’ve won there 10 times and I just love that place.”

The car and track are your choice but what would you choose?
“Obviously, it has to be a CUPRA without a doubt! I am very lucky that I get to drive all sorts of weird and wonderful cars. From the 1950s Jaguar E-Type at Goodwood all the way to modern-day GT3 cars and a lot of road cars in between. For me, on track, there is no real road car because you need a race car on the track. It doesn’t matter what road car you have, almost any race car would be quicker than any road car. I love the front-wheel-drive touring cars, I love the touring cars from the 90s, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to drive some of these old British Touring Cars from the 90s, the Mondeo, the Nissan. These were real touring Cars, they were proper manhandling, aggressive, no powersteering, sequential gearboxes and they were awesome to drive. Probably not that many people will let me take a 90s Super Touring Car around Macau, but for sure I would absolutely love to.”

Describe your ultimate summer holiday?
“I’m quite fortunate because I live in Dubai. The next two WTCR events are not too far from home for me so I guess I’ll be the local and these will be my home races effectively! It’s the first time we’ve had holidays for three years because of COVID. It was very nice to enjoy some time in Spain, in Marbella, but I was looking forward to getting home and seeing the dogs and family. For me, the best place on earth is home, and home is wherever you want it to be and wherever you create it.”

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