WTCR Fast Five with Attila Tassi

2019-08-16T18:26:13+02:00August 16th, 2019|2019, WTCR Race of China 2019|

After scoring his first DHL Pole Position in the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup presented by OSCARO in Portugal, Attila Tassi will head to China next month with his confidence boosted.

In today’s WTCR Fast Five, the Honda-powered Hungarian reveals his racing idol, talks about his early days playing ice hockey and explains why later is always better.

What made you choose number nine?
“My first sport was ice hockey, I started when I was the age of five and from the beginning, I was sticking to number nine. That was my lucky number and everywhere I go I am sticking to number nine.”

Who would join you on your ultimate podium?
“Lewis Hamilton because he’s my idol and it would obviously be a huge pleasure to have Tiago Monteiro. We built a very good relationship from the beginning of the season and we have a very good relationship when it’s not a race weekend. And I want to see him on the podium!”

If you could add an 11th track to the WTCR schedule what would you pick?
“The A1 Ring in Austria. When I started racing at the age of 12 that was my first successful race. I really like the elevation of the track and the characteristic. And we could see in Formula One it was a very competitive track and very exciting. And because we do some very light touching, we could have an even better race.”

Do you have a pre-race routine you always follow?
“I always do 15-20 minutes of warm-up so when I get in the car, I’m sweating quite a lot. I’m also feeling a little bit tired, but we measured that I am this type of person who needs to warm up much more to feel tired otherwise I don’t wake up in the car quickly enough. So, every time I warm-up like this before each session.”

What will you do when you stop racing?
“I want racing to be my job for many years, like Gabriele Tarquini.”