WTCR Fast Five with Kevin Ceccon

2019-08-22T23:59:32+02:00August 19th, 2019|2019, WTCR Race of China 2019|

Kevin Ceccon will join home hero Ma Qing Hua in the Alfa Romeo-powered Team Mulsanne line-up at WTCR Race of China from 13-15 September. In today’s WTCR Fast Five, Italian Ceccon discusses Kubica, carpentry and simulators.

What does your pre-race routine consist of?
“I like to do the simulator the week of the race. I like to do one hour and a half of bike riding before leaving my house. Before the race I just listen to my music but also talk with people around me but not about racing, I just want to heave a clear mind. There is not one particular music I like. I change a lot and it depends on my mood from really disco music to really depressed music.”

Who would you pick to join you on the ultimate podium?
“Robert Kubica would be one, he’s one of my best friends. I know him very well and I learned a lot from him. I always talk a lot about racing with him. I am nine years younger but. we have never competed against each other. If I had to choose somebody from the past then I have in mind Nikki Lauda, a legend.”

If you could add an 11thvenue to the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup presented by OSCARO calendar what would you choose?
“I would like to have a Race of Italy in Imola. I know Gabriele [Tarquini] would like Mugello but let me choose please because I am the youngest!”

When you stop racing in the future what will you do to keep busy?
“I am already working when I am at home. We do carpentry, steel, sandblasting and painting. I have a double life, a racing driver at the weekend and this when I am at home. I already choose my after-racing career. I am still learning a lot but I am trying to do as much as I can about this. Honestly your career can last until you are 57 like Gabriele or until you are 19. There are plenty of drivers I was racing with who have already stopped. But I hope to stay in the racing world as long as possible.”

Can you explain your choice of race number 31?
“It has been a tough decision to choose my number in WTCR. I choose 31 because the ‘3’ is the ‘E’ in my number and the ‘1’ is the ‘I’. I really like it a lot and that’s basically the choice I made.”