WTCR Fast Five with Yvan Muller

2019-09-01T23:56:15+01:00August 28th, 2019|2019, WTCR Race of China 2019|

Yvan Muller will be one of four Cyan-run, Lynk & Co-powered drivers appearing on the #WTCR2019SUPERGRID at WTCR Race of China next month.

In today’s WTCR Fast Five, the world’s most successful touring car driver, talks tracks, podiums, the future and numbers ahead of the 2019 WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup presented by OSCARO resuming at the Ningbo International Speedpark from 13-15 September.

Who would join you on your ultimate fantasy podium?
“Yann [Ehrlacher], my nephew, for sure, then I would like to be on the podium with Gabriele [Tarquini] because we did so many together and maybe Tiago [Monteiro] because we are here since a long time, but it could also be Rob Huff or Tom Coronel.”

Just imagine that an 11thvenue is going to be added to the WTCR / OSCARO schedule, what would you choose?
“Bathurst because it’s a fantastic track but I feel it’s too complicated to go there.”

What’s the story behind your race number, 100?
“Normally I have 68 but I leave it to Yann so last year I took the 48 because I was 48 years old at the start of last season. This year I said I want to be the only one with three numbers, then Andy [Priaulx] came with 111!”

Do you have a pre-race ritual?
“I go for a wee, always! But I am not superstitious, that is when you are not strong enough!”

What will the future hold when you stop driving?
“I will not announce my retirement anymore! I announce already once and I really wanted to not be the one to do his comeback, but I did although it was not planned at all. Next time I stop, I stop but I don’t tell anybody! For sure it has been a good comeback, but I didn’t really want it. For the future I still have my team and maybe I retire this year, maybe never.”