WTCR Q&A: Frédéric Vervisch

2019-07-28T10:24:10+02:00July 27th, 2019|2019|

Frédéric Vervisch is keeping busy during the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup presented by OSCARO’s summer break by contesting the TOTAL 24 Hours of Spa in his native Belgium this weekend.

A winner for Comtoyou Team Audi Sport in WTCR / OSCARO, Vervisch is contesting the endurance event in an Audi RS8 LMS. This is what he’s had to say.

What are the main dos and don’ts of competing in a 24-hour race?
“The main “dos” are eat and drink reasonably, sleep a lot, go straight to the hotel after a stint or to another place where you’re meant to sleep. Respect your team-mates and their wishes. Don’t arrive exhausted because you did too much sports or anything. Don’t take unnecessary risks which can destroy a whole team’s work in an event that takes place once a year only.”

If all goes to plan, how long do you expect to drive for and sleep for at Spa?
“We share the car between three drivers, so that means on average everyone has to drive for eight hours. That could be four double-stints, for example. In between them, I would expect to have a minimum two-hour rest each time.”

What’s the perfect menu for an endurance racing driver?
“Regarding drinks, water is usually enough for me. Should I be really exhausted, I sometimes love to drink a Coke in addition to water. Also, special drinks with electrolytes or vitamins can be useful. Their taste should just not be too extreme. I love to eat pasta, without sauce, and chicken, also a little bit of fruit and vegetables.”

What’s your role when you hand over during a driver change?
“Mainly, I want to prevent my team-mate who takes the car over from surprises. That means: if there are treacherous spots on the track or any other hazards, I will tell him immediately. Another element is easier thanks to modern technology: a driver can easily see the settings for ABS and traction control in the respective menus, so that needs no explanation. However, he can’t see the bias of the brake balance. So, if that has changed in the course of my stint, I will have to point it out to him.”

Finally, what’s in your kit back for Spa?
“Maybe fewer items than you’d think: one helmet only, two racing suits, two pairs of boots, two pairs of gloves. The main thing is that the gear is nice and fresh. For 24-hour races, we have a washing machine on site to clean our gear. That’s it really.”

With thanks to Alexander von Wegner, Audi Sport