WTCR Q&A: Norbert Kiss

2018-07-20T12:23:02+02:00July 21st, 2018|2018, WTCR Race of Slovakia 2018|

Not one but three Norbis starred at the Slovakia Ring last weekend. Norbert Michelisz scored his first win in the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup, there was a maiden series podium for Norbert Nagy, while Norbert Kiss took his first victory of the year in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship with his Race 4 triumph.

Before truck racing became his focus, Kiss was a successful saloon and touring car racer. The Hungarian looks back and reveals that he’d be open to a return if offered an opportunity to do so.

What were your best memories from racing touring cars?
“I remember that the SEAT León Hungarian Cup was very competitive at that time with Gábor Wéber and Norbi Michelisz in the same field. I’m very proud that I could have a great result in that series, because that was really hard, and the drivers were very good. And later I enjoyed driving in the Maserati Cup. Then in 2007 I participated in Porsche Supercup and I have been racing in the Spanish SEAT León Cup as well. My team was Zengő Motorsport at that time and we could win races. I really enjoyed that. And there was a season when I drove the old Alfa Romeo of Team Unicorse in the ETCC. We were competitive as well: I was leading in Paul Ricard when my door was torn off and we won at the Slovakia Ring after Mato Homola was excluded.”

Have you given any thought about racing touring cars again?
“If I would have a possibility to come back, I really would like to return to touring car racing. It’s not cheap but if a team would call me, I’m ready to come back.”

How does racing trucks compare to racing cars?
“Obviously a truck is much more heavy and much stronger. It’s rear-wheel drive. You have to be very careful during a race, you have drive really providently, because the machine is very heavy. It doesn’t work that you just go for a situation and something will happen, because it could end up in a crash very easily. You have to think twice and see how could it work out finally. On the other hand, it still feels like a racing car, just very heavy.”

What do you think of WTCR OSCARO?
“It’s really good and it’s a big field. In the last years of the TC1 era the field was small. It seems tough and varied.”

Do you like the idea of the WTCR and ETRC sharing the bill at more events in the future?
“It would be nice. Obviously it fits into the schedule of the weekend, spectators enjoy, and it’s good for them to see more type races during the weekend.”

And what about the WTCR drivers from Hungary? What do you think of their achievements and potential?
“I know such a long time ago Norbi Michelisz. We were racing just with simulators and not racing cars when we became friends. I really like him and I hope for a good result for him. Also Zengő Motorsport is important for me, they were my old team. Currently they are not so strong as they were some years ago, but they are doing their best, and they have good and young drivers.”

Norbert Kiss is pictured left with namesake and fellow Hungarian Norbert Michelisz at WTCR Race of Slovakia