WTCR Q&A: Zoltan Zengo

2020-05-30T21:50:24+02:00May 30th, 2020|2020|

Following Zengő Motorsport’s signing of Bence Boldizs for the 2020 WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup, this is what team boss and title-winning talent-backer Zoltán Zengő has had to say.

What convinced you that Bence Boldizs was the right driver for your team?
“Zengő Motorsport’s mission is to give young and talented drivers like Bence an opportunity. He has already proved his abilities in the Hankook Racer Cup and I see a potential champion in him.”

When did you first become aware of his ability?
“We are always following the careers of young drivers. We would like to thank the manager of George Racing Team, Gábor György, for giving us all the useful info about Bence and helping us choosing him from the many other young, talented Hungarian drivers.”

What targets are you setting him for his first season in WTCR?
“We do not have big goals for his first season. I want him to gain as much experience as possible and to cover many kilometres on track with the most professional drivers and learn from the best.”

Once he gains experience what can he go on to achieve?
“Hopefully great success and big achievements! There are many talented Hungarian drivers, but we believe that Bence and Zengő Motorsport can reach big goals in the coming years.”

How do you plan to help Bence overcome his lack of experience?
“We would like to give him as many testing opportunities as possible and our engineers are prepared to use the many gigabytes of data from the last years to help Bence on this tough road. We have completed a whole day of testing when Bence could complete eight sessions of 30 minutes in racing conditions and the results from that day are promising. His time was one of the fastest in the car he was driving. He’s also doing some sim championships with support from our engineers.”

Can you compare him to any of your previous drivers, such as Norbert Michelisz?
“We do not want to compare him to anyone, but we see the kind of ambition, humility, diligence and passion in Bence that we are looking for.”

When do you plan to announce your second driver?
“We are close to signing the contract with an experienced, talented driver whose name will surprise the Hungarian fans. I believe that him, Bence and Zengő Motorsport can reach big goals in WTCR.”