WTCR Race of Japan build-up: Honda drivers relishing ‘home’ run

2019-10-15T13:06:49+02:00October 15th, 2019|2019, WTCR JVCKENWOOD Race of Japan 2019|

With 10 days to go until the #WTC2019SUPERGRID arrives in Suzuka for WTCR JVCKENWOOD Race of Japan, this is what the four all-season Honda-powered drivers have had to say.

Racing at Suzuka…
Néstor Girolami (ALL-INKL.COM Münnich Motorsport): “It’s one of the most exciting weekends because Honda is from Japan and it’s a real pleasure to race there with the support of the Japanese fans and the people from Honda.”
Tiago Monteiro (KCMG): “It’s an important event, a second home race and always busy. You feel a lot of excitement around it. It’s the place where I returned after my accident with this fantastic welcome we had from the whole paddock. It was very emotional.”
Attila Tassi (KCMG): “It will be special. I’ve been watching Formula One races there on TV from the age of seven or eight. I’ve also grown up in the world of simulators, which has given me a lot of knowledge of the ideal lines.”

Driving with Honda power…
NG: “I came to Suzuka last year to visit but after the dream was coming true when I start to have conversations with Honda about racing in WTCR. We continue and in the end everything came together. Suzuka was the starting point for this.”
Esteban Guerrieri (ALL-INKL.COM Münnich Motorsport): “Honda allowed me to make the breakthrough in the touring car world from being a privateer to become official, so I will be always thankful for this opportunity. It’s a privilege.”
TM: “I’ve been seven years in the Honda family. I love Japan and I love being with Honda.”

Visiting Japan…
EG: “I first visited Japan in 2017 but I haven’t had so much time to see many things. I’ve been to Roppongi and went to the crossing in Shibuya but I would like to visit more places, like Kyoto. My wife Mariella spent one week in Japan and she really liked it.”
NG: “I did some tourism things in Tokyo and I also visited some mountains close to Motegi. But I would like to take 15 days to visit the country because there are many things to see.”
AT: “I’ve been once, this year, for the 24-hour race at Fuji. But I would like to spend some more time here to enjoy the special atmosphere.”

Japanese culture…
EG: “Japanese people are very well educated, always very thankful and always look to do things with a lot of process and patience. Japanese act on what they believe, everything is important to them and there is a lot of respect, like when people make a line in the metro. I try to learn from this and put some small things into practice in my life. This is nice.”
NG: “The way to live is completely different to what we have in South America. We have to learn a lot from Japanese society. They are so clever, so respectful and I like the way they see life.”

NG: “I really like sushi.”
EG: “It’s true, he’s always eating sushi!”
NG: “They have the best sushi! I have tasted it for the first time when I was in Motegi for WTCC.”
EG: “I like sushi but I wouldn’t eat it every day. It’s good to try some of the other dishes, I really like miso soup!”

NG: “They never forget you and they are always so nice.”
EG: “They have a lot of imagination that they put into practice with their signs and clothing. It’s so nice because they come with that real support and what they make they spend time to make and with love. It’s nice to give something back and have a nice moment with them.”

WTCR JVCKENWOOD Race of Japan takes place at Suzuka Circuit from 25-27 October. Pictured from left to right are Guerrieri, Girolami, Tassi and Monteiro.