WTCR Teamwork: #5 Zengo Motorsport

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As part of the new series highlighting the importance of the teams competing in the WTCR − FIA World Touring Car Cup, Máté Kerekes, who went from intern to race engineer at Zengő Motorsport, explains why his “dream” job might be busy but never stressful.

Base: Budapest, Hungary
Chief Director: Erika Asztalos
Team Manager: Zoltán Zengő
On-event team: 16 (including 3 engineers, 1 data engineer and 8 mechanics)
Drivers: Bence Boldizs (HUN), plus one driver to be confirmed
Car: CUPRA Leon Competición (subject to confirmation)
WTCR highlights: Podium finish at WTCR Race of Slovakia 2018

“Flexibility is the key to being good at your job because you have to adapt to any situation”

Q&A: Máté Kerekes, Race Engineer

Welcome to WTCR Teamwork, Máté, what’s your role at Zengő Motorsport?
“I am one of the race engineers. During an event I help my engineering colleagues to find the perfect set-up of the car and coach the drivers in order to find the perfect lap and strategy. Away from the events, I am responsible for the communication between the promoters, manufacturers, spare suppliers and all the members of our team.”

That sounds like a lot of work…
“Well, I also represent Zoltán Zengő, the Team Manager, in the driver briefing sessions and in other meetings at the events, so it’s a busy life.”

Is it a role that carries a lot of responsibility and pressure?
“I feel that the responsibility is quite big, because most of the information gets delivered by me, therefore any misunderstanding can cause big problems. But as everyone in motorsport, I like working under pressure, so it is not stressful.”

What are the key requirements to be a good at the job you do?
“Working for Zoltán is very important because he has a lot of experience in World Touring Car racing. He’s been in many different situations and this knowledge is very important for me. But, personally, I believe that flexibility is the key to being good at your job because you have to adapt to any situation you meet.”

When did join the team at Zengő Motorsport?
“I am part of the team since January 2019. I started as an intern and was lucky enough to get a full-time job!”

What training and experience do you have?
“I moved to Denmark to study automotive technology. Then I started to gain practical experience when I joined Zengő. I always dreamed about working in motorsport and this is the role which fits my skills the best.”

Of all the things you do, what would you say is the hardest part of your job?
“I love every moment of it, so I don’t see it as hard!”

What has been the main highlight of your career so far?
“Last year when Gábor Kismarty-Lechner won the Hungarian Touring Car Championship. I am happy that I was able to be there with him on all the events. But every moment is good when our drivers win. It is pure joy when the team is hugging each other after a race in celebration.”

Of all the events on the 2020 WTCR calendar which one are you looking forward to the most and why?
“WTCR Race of Hungary for sure. I love the Hungaroring but meeting the Hungarian fans is an amazing feeling.”

Where to watch Zengő Motorsport in the WTCR in 2020
WTCR Race of Austria (Salzburgring, 12-13 September)
WTCR Race of Germany (Nürburgring Nordschleife, 24-26 September)
WTCR Race of Slovakia (Slovakia Ring,10-11 October)
WTCR Race of Hungary (Hungaroring, 17-18 October)
WTCR Race of Spain (MotorLand Aragón, 31 October-1 November)
WTCR Race of Italy (Adria International Raceway, 14-15 November)

With thanks to Gábor Támas Nagy for image selection