WTCR title showdown special: Esteban Guerrieri

2020-11-10T00:15:56+01:00November 10th, 2020|2020|

With an incredible 11 drivers preparing for WTCR Race of Aragón with a chance of winning the coveted 2020 WTCR − FIA World Touring Car Cup title, this what current runner-up Esteban Guerrieri has had to say ahead of this weekend’s deciding races.


When you look at the table, a 26-point gap, what are your chances of winning the title?
“I think they are quite open to be honest. Even though I am a little bit further back than what I was last year from Norbi [Michelisz], I think we are going to be much more competitive this weekend compared to what we were the last time because of the difference in the compensation weight. Everything is still wide open, still to play for. Also, the weather will be interesting to see how it’s going to be. And I can count on very good team-mates and a team behind me and I trust we are going to do a very good job without a doubt.”

Does the fact you have experience of being in a title fight help you?
“I’m not sure if it will make a difference or not. I just approach it the way I think is the best for me and I am obviously very happy again to be in a championship fight. I don’t know how the others approach it but the way I do it is the best way possible it can be done, have a go and be ready for the battle.”

After Zolder did you think you would go into the final weekend in a position to win the title?
“While I was at the second chicane at Zolder sitting in the chair with the broken engine because of the radiator that was leaking, I really thought the quest was going to be really uphill. I really knew at this moment the mountain was going to be really hard to climb if I wanted again to fight for the championship in the last race. But that moment I thought about it and I asked myself how hard it would be, but I just answered it and said, ‘let’s just go and try and see what we can do’. But I really thought at Zolder it was a very hard moment to reverse the situation I was at, but still I never gave up, never threw the towel mentally. I knew there was a chance, obviously a much, much steeper climb to go for but it’s part of the game sometimes.”

Will the addition of the chicane on the back straight benefit the Hondas?
“I think yeah, the shorter back straight is probably a positive for us. I cannot say 100 per cent but I think it will be something that could help us a little bit. Maybe it also helps the other drivers, I don’t know, but for our car it will be better because we were lacking a bit the top speed.”

What result would be acceptable to you if the title wasn’t possible?
“Acceptable is a word that should be used in every situation, accepting whatever comes. If it comes the championship of course I will accept it like the best way possible. If it doesn’t come I will accept it the same way. Because it will be what it has to be, there is no other way things can happen than the way they happen. It sounds a little bit philosophical but in the end it’s like this. I am not thinking to accept one thing and not the other one. Whatever comes I will embrace it and try to learn from that. I am not worried about this outcome, whatever it is. I am just focused on enjoying and trying to give it all again. I am really happy to be in this position. It’s all good.”

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