WTCR Trophy leader Huff looks to an old favourite to extend points advantage

2022-06-30T19:21:01+02:00June 30th, 2022|2022, WTCR Race of Portugal 2022|

Rob Huff returns to Vila Real leading the WTCR Trophy standings and well placed to build his advantage further on a track where nobody could beat him in 2018.

Although his hopes of victory were dashed in the multi-car crash, he was the fasest driver of all in qualifying for Race 1 when the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup made its first visit to the northern Portuguese town five years ago.

“It’s a different street circuit,” said the CUPRA-powered Zengő Motorsport driver. “Most street circuits are just Armco and concrete barriers the whole way. In Vila Real a lot of the corners are a little more open with the chicanes and the mini roundabouts. On those corners it’s a little easier because it’s not full street circuit but it’s a very long lap, there are lots of street elements involved and it’s very technical, it really is.

“You’ve got a lot of high-speed stuff then you’ve got these huge kerbs on these mini roundabouts so to set your suspension up it’s really tricky to get a good balance.

“Obviously, the driver has a lot of input on these circuits because the amount of risk you want to take comes into it massively. But, for me, it’s a wonderful circuit. It’s not one I’ve won on but I’ve had a pole position and I’m really excited to go back. We’ve had some good results but not quite what we were hoping for at the time. I love street circuits, I’m not a huge fan of these open-style F1 tracks, I like the small, condensed circuits where there are real limits. There are no track limits, your car is just in the barrier if you make a mistake so it’s real precision racing.”