WTCR’s all you need to know about… #4 Hungary

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Scheduled as part two of the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup’s eastern Europe double-header in October, WTCR Race of Hungary takes on added significance this year as Norbert Michelisz is set to take part with the coveted number one on the side of his BRC Hyundai N LUKOIL Squadra Corse i30 N TCR.

Here’s all you need to know about the country that not only gave the world the 2019 WTCR title winner, but also pens, pálinka and paprika.

1: Norbert Michelisz was born on 8 August 1984, 1124 years after the Principality Hungary was founded, which makes the country older than England, France and Germany

2: Following his WTCR title triumph, Michelisz gets to carry the number one on his Hyundai i30 N TCR for the 2020 season. The Hungarian alphabet, meanwhile, contains 44 letters

3: If Michelisz or fellow Hungarians Bence Boldizs or Attila Tassi win in the WTCR this season they’ll spend 96 seconds singing their national anthem from start to finish, because that’s how long it takes!

4: When it comes to other famous Hungarians, László Biró and Ernö Rubik are right up there as the inventors of the ballpoint pen and Rubik’s Cube respectively

5: Erich Weisz might not sound like a famous Hungarian but then he became Harry Houdini, the escapologist who was best known for his 1912 Chinese water torture cell trick

6: Like Norbert Michelisz before him, Bence Boldizs owes his big World Touring Car break to respected talent-backer Zoltán Zengő

7: While László is the most popular boy’s name in Hungary, Zoltán makes it in at number five

8: Many Hungarian dishes, such as goulash and haládzé soup, contain paprika, a ground pepper

9: Hungary hosted its first Formula One grand prix in 1986, although the first Hungarian Grand Prix took place in 1936 on a temporary circuit in a Budapest park

10: As well as being home to the Hungaroring, Hungary is where the fruit brandy palinka was invented

Fast facts:
1: Hungary’s Lake Balaton is 600 square kilometres in size
2: The great Ferenc Puskás scored 84 goals in 85 international football matches
3: Max Verstappen holds the Hungaroring lap record, a 1m17.103s set in 2019
4: Fourth place in 1994 is Hungary’s best Eurovision Song Contest result
5: It takes approximately six hours to drive across Hungary from west to east
6: Hungary can count on 22 official wine-making regions
7: There are approximately 1500 thermal water springs in Hungary
8: One fifth (around 1.7 million) of Hungary’s population lives in Budapest
9: Hungarian last names come before first names
10: Hungary has celebrated a gold medal at every Olympics it has contested

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